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I’m already on Phase 2 learning Metal at Jam Play and I have a good understanding of power chords. I have to say this course is nothing short of amazing.

The lessons are concise, fun, easy to follow and the instructors are down to earth musicians and music aficianados, not just some d bag with a 6 string electric guitar.

I like the progress report option to keep track of all the lessons you’ve completed successfully. It won’t let you cut corners so you have to watch the full video lesson.

I did Phase 1 for beginner electric guitar and learned the blues pentatonic scale by the time I was done. This blues scale has been interesting for me as the more I practice it, the more I hear it in the popular iconic rock songs I catch myself thinking about. Like Aerosmith and Jimi Hendrix.

Now metal has begun and I’ve already got some good ideas, plus the picking exercises have me using the electric guitar like a lead instrument already.


jamplay guitar lessons online review for electric guitar and bass*Super affordable (less than 20 bucks a month for nearly unlimited training from beginner all the way to expert level)

*(Easy to print) Chord charts, tabs, and HD video with multiple camera angles- all on the same screen

*Over 5,000 HD video lessons available for all styles of guitar, especially electric and bass

*Over 400,000 members (I am a member) with a vibrant and supportive guitarist community and 24-7 chat support

*950,000 different chords and 30 different tuning settings for your guitar, if you want them

*Comprehensive Lick & Riff library which helps you (and producers like me) come up with the catchy and vital elements of hit songs

*Adjustable stream rate and screen resolution for videos so internet speed is not a factor

Conclusion: 20 bucks a month for likely the best online guitar lessons available. But if you’ve found better, we want to know.


*Guitartricks.com membership gives you a 14 day free trial membership but to access their entire library and core learning system it will require the same 20 bucks. JamPlay has more interesting features in my opinion though.

*One lesson with a private tutor could cost around the same amount just to sit down, talk and get your lesson plan, so online guitar lessons are in my opinion the best option.

For these reasons I like JamPlay best and find it to be the best value overall.

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