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guitar tricks cost*Affordable, with an upfront free 14 day trial (less than 20 bucks a month for nearly unlimited training from beginner through intermediate, and expert content too)

*Super simple progression path to growing as a guitarist- it will be hard not to get the basics down solid with their setup (Beginner friendly) and they claim you’ll be an intermediate level guitarist after completing the basic Core instruction course (kinda cool)…

*Over 11,000 total lessons available for all styles of guitar

*Over 2 million people have used

*No Questions Asked 60 Day Money-back Guarantee (pretty darn impressive)

Conclusion: Guitar Tricks is the type of company that has a lot of confidence in its service, with a 60 day money back guarantee and a fail-proof guitar teaching curriculum. Definitely worth checking out Guitar Tricks, which has been in business since 1998.


*JamPlay costs the same but in one man’s opinion has more specialization like songwriting and lead, riff, and lick specific training to help bring out the songwriter and producer in you while making you a better guitarist with some really cool tools built-in tools.

*A 4-Year university may be right for you as well as fun and exciting, but then again it’s probably as overpriced and overvalued as private guitar lessons.

For these reasons I personally like JamPlay best and find it to be the best value overall. That’s me though, other people might like Guitar Tricks just as much if not better.

What I Didn’t Like About Guitar Tricks

If you decide to sign up with them, you probably won’t encounter the automatic litany of emails from someone from Guitartricks named Danielle who writes with a tone of maybe your mother or your girlfriend that’s about to break up with you.

Seriously I did not appreciate getting emails with the subject line “I’m worried about you” and “I noticed you haven’t been doing this”… as if I need more females doubting me on a regular basis lol

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