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berklee music college

Pretty fancy schoolin’ there that Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts.

Berklee music online reviewI wouldn’t know personally, except that I did take their accredited online courses all the way across the country in good ole’ Los Angeles, while working part time as a waiter making peanuts and acorns an hour.

What I can say about the Berklee Online Music program is that it’s worth every penny, although I not only did not pay for it with my own money (I’m a Navy veteran and used the Post 9/11 GI Bill), but what difference remained between Uncle Sam and the college itself was swept under the financial rug by a kindhearted and forgiving Berklee.

For this I am forever grateful and indebted. I made a short video about it a few years back. This is how I used to have to dress to work at my commission-only sales job before I became self employed.

I took the Berklee Online Music School Certificate Program in Studio Music Production myself.

In this course I learned extensively on Pro Tools, Reason, and Mixing and Mastering. It really helped me understand how to tap into the power of all the recording gear I already owned and gave me some new ideas as well.

After taking these courses I had a solid approach to creating a very professional sounding recording. By simply learning 2 or 3 of the slightly more advanced techniques in Pro Tools and applying it consistently to my songs makes a dramatic difference in how good my songs sound.

Watch a couple of YouTube videos here and there to support the Berklee Courses, and you have a recording/mixing/editing/mastering game that you can realistically achieve in 6 months to a year. This knowledge never really goes away either, and can often teach you things well into the future as you work on your current songs.

Berklee Online offers all types of courses though for all types of musicians and producers. I think it’s way better than Community College. Probably not nearly as good as attending Berklee in person though šŸ™

But I did get this neato certificate which is pretty legit, plus I got multiple condiment stains on it throughout my travels and sojourns in this land.

my certificate from berklee for studio music production

The flip side of the Certificate is that it also made for an awesome writing surface for my Snoop Dogg track verses:

snoop verse pat riot

I think what makes it even that much more special is writing the verses in a Motel 6 in Long Beach.

What are the Actual Berklee Online Music Classes Like?

The courses are meticulous, detailed, and measured at an even pace. Instructors are available for rapid responses to your questions. Training modules contain written portions, visual and audio demonstrations, videos, and exercises that help drill down the vital info.

It’s very hand-on so you’ll be actively doing homework that matters and makes the newly gained skills memorable to your mind and body. Don’t be surprised at how great your music sounds by the time you graduate.

The Bottom Line on Berklee Online

In my opinion, the Berklee Online College of Music is a sure-fire investment in yourself, your abilities, and your music career. The classes are notĀ easy. I got so many criticisms for my habits like making everything too loud, and still to this day I’m probably trying too loud in my mixes, but just to be aware of that in a direct way is good feedback.

You’ll get a major return on investment in your music somehow by committing to a Berklee program, from the 4 year to the certificate courses. I give it a top recommendation. I’ve been through a lot of school in my life at the university level, and I know when the college classes are just easy blow off classes and when you’re getting some real meat and potatoes.

Enjoy šŸ™‚

meat n taters

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