How to Sell Your Music Online

get your music on and iTunesYou’ll likely want your music to be available for purchase online on and iTunes.

You may also want it on Spotify or Pandora too, but streaming services don’t pay much per listen.

Spotify pays artists about .002 cents per stream. That means you’ll need 5 listens to make a whole penny. Now you know why Taylor Swift is such a biaaatch about streaming services, choosing to pull her music instead from the major online streaming programs and make it unavailable.

taylor swift hates spotify and pandora streaming servicesAnd to be fair, Taylor Swift is smart. And she’s right (about that).

Bare minimum iTunes or or direct sale from your website through and using a “buy now” button if you sign up with PayPal to receive payments which I’ll get to in a second.

One of the best ways to get your music on all the popular channels like iTunes,, Pandora, Spotify, etc. is to pick a service like or

cdbaby for artists to sell music onlineThey’ll take your songs and album info and for a nominal fee put it across all the channels for you, saving you massive time and headaches.

Tunecore will pay you all the royalties from your sales, but you’ll have to pay them a yearly fee to keep your album live. charges $50 for a full album (only 10 bucks for a single), but once it’s up there, it’s not coming down.

They do take a larger cut per download like 30% but in my opinion it’s less of a headache, and they also will store physical inventory for you and ship it too.

Direct Sale from your website, or through a link

Let’s say you don’t want to split any money with iTunes or, or
dropbox reviewThis means you could do it all yourself:

  1. upload your music to
  2. sign up with to accept payments, then create a “buy” button where after the person purchases they are taken to the link to where your album is for download.

paypal reviewThis approach might be for you. This also means you can offer your entire album collection or all of your songs for $20.99 or $2.99, or any other price you’d want to get people to pull the trigger.

The downside is making sure no one pirates your music and shares the dropbox link. Starting out, you might not need to worry about it that much, because haters aren’t likely to spend a dime to purchase something unknown to steal and mass share, they usually only want to pirate already widely known and accepted popular music.

shipwire reviewShipping units yourself

You could also accept payment through Paypal easily and ship your CD to the customer yourself. Services like offer an automated warehouse so for all you entrepreneurs who want to create your own products and ship them without having to go to the post office, you might want to check it out too. I use it for my business.

The thing is with today’s emerging digital landscape, you’ll notice that CD use is going way down. Now people stream or download their music.┬áBut I thought Shipwire is so awesome that I wanted to mention it, whether you use it for music or something else.

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