Day 1 of Online Guitar Lessons

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It’s iconoclastic day 1 of my online guitar lessons and high time to choose the right teacher/instructor/mentor to help me establish my basics. I’ll be uploading a video in a few hours with my selection and lesson plan, plus a first look at the beginning of the new song I’m producing.

A journey of a thousand beats per minute begins with a single drum hit.

Oh yeah, and might wanna actually tune my guitar first. Here’s a great free online guitar tuner I use.

Getting Started & Making Progress with Guitar Basics

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Choosing Your Online Guitar Instructor

I started and completed Phase 1 which is the basic course today, split into half days. My instructor’s name was David Walliman, a guitarist from France. I chose his course because it was the shortest with the fewest lessons and I didn’t want to spend too much time on basics as I feel like I have most of it down intuitively already.

***Important things I learned in Phase 1 (beginner’s section) I needed to know badly***

*Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale in A Minor

*How to bend the strings to get a purposefully less exact sound and how to slide

*How to mute the strings you don’t want to hear to clean up my sound

*How to read and write tablature and guitar tabs

*How to play G minor chord, and how to properly play other chords I thought I knew already

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