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I made this website to document the progress of my guitar lessons and playing ability while simultaneously producing a song featuring a major label hip hop artist. The song features Yo Gotti, who at the time of this release was the #4 Artist on the Billboard Top 200 Charts!

how-to video regarding the construction and processes of this song coming soon!

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online classes for guitar and bass
One of my collabs with Pizza

For the remaining 3 months of 2015 I’ve decided to focus on the creation of one great song.

The song will contain a rap verse from a major artist I secured through a former Universal Music publishing insider.

I will create a beat, come up with verses, write a hook, and mix and master the song for release.

In order to accomplish this, I’ll have to step my game completely up for this project and treat it like it could be my last.

That means taking risks and doing some new things. That means learning new things too.

stacking paper
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I’ve always loved making music, and I am continuously seeking new knowledge to improve my sound and develop my artistry, and every little improvement counts.

The success of my current project starts then with one question: How can I set my song apart from the crowd?

For me producing hip hop music, I think the electric guitar provides a massive, untapped opportunity for the overall sound of my music and the rap genre. The electric guitar is great as a lead instrument, a rhythm instrument, a backing instrument, or an embellishing instrument too.

There really is nothing a guitar can’t do. Just listen to this and tell me rap and guitar weren’t destined for each other.

I already know a handful of chord progressions and learned some music theory from a few courses I took at the community college that will help me write this upcoming song.

But I have to be completely honest with myself.

I’m not the best guitarist. In fact I’m not even really a good guitarist.

Sure, I can lock myself away for 6 hours and record the same guitar part on my Pro Tools with my Strat until I finally get the 1-verse progression (with editing) down to where it doesn’t sound completely horrible. At least that’s what I did for my song featuring Ne-Yo recently.

drinking and playing guitar
margaritas in the desert don’t judge you

And yes while I can bust out my acoustic axe and sing a few popular radio songs by the campfire, what I really need to do is practice the guitar and learn how to play, legit.

I need to study how to become a better guitarist, period, and additional music education is what I’m setting my sights on.

Now then, I’ve had my fair share of formal and externally driven education already.

I’m not looking for another full-on college level course load again. Been there done that 3 separate times. Going with an “accredited” school is often just like having a full-time job, and it could stifle my creativity or delay me from producing actual music (my ultimate goal).

What I’m looking for now are concrete things I can do with my electric and acoustic guitar to make some truly authentic and original hip hop and rap songs over the next 12 months, starting with my current project and its 3 month New Year’s Eve 2015 deadline.

Since I already have a degree in political science (and a certificate in studio music production from Berklee College of Music Online), I do not need another certificate or diploma to proudly hang on my wall (or refrigerator, or to use as a dinner place mat or lyric sheet).

But I still need hard core training on guitar, more than just looking up a few songs or chords on YouTube or picking up a couple of different tricks now here or there. I want to actually get good on guitar by January 1st, 2016 and this is how I intend to do it.

jamplay for electric guitar and bassI start Jamplay (the #1 online music guitar course) on Monday.

I’m getting myself completely psyched up and ready to make the guitar lessons a part of my daily, weekly, and monthly routine as I produce this new track featuring Yo Gotti and grow as a musician over the next 3 months.

Through my website here I will provide progress on my song project as well as my experience with Jamplay.

This will be a fun way to grow, to challenge and hold myself accountable and to produce something really great!

And become a better guitar player in the process.

Here’s to the upcoming journey, now who’s coming with me?



p.s. I’ll also be reading several major works from Shakespeare for fun and to expand my lyric writing ability

Today we all have a a choice to make: Guitar, TV, or Shakespeare?

shakespeare for music artists

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